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Family / Client Assessment Process

It is common for family businesses and families to avoid or ignore the individual qualities, skills and style as they impact family cohesiveness, governance, succession planning, career "fit" and management. This lack of attention can be extremely troubling and in some cases cause failure of the enterprise. Working with our clinical psychologist we can provide personality, behavior styles, and/or values assessments to determine "goodness of fit" for different family needs, whether relating to the family or a family business. We also can assist in maximizing compatibility and affiliated advisors through the use of these assessment tools. Finally, we can provide in-depth assessment for individuals, couples or families related to, but not limited to the following situations:

    • Impending retirement or selling of business (i.e. what do I do next?)
    • Succession planning for family businesses
    • Career or professional pathways for children
Ability of children to comprehend and manage inheritance (i.e. emotional maturity including the ability to control impulsive behaviors)
Client Assessment Process


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