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Life Insurance Review and Audit

A complicated world that has gone through a dramatic change of culture and structure has lethal potential to upset any family plan. The recent environment has highlighted the importance of carrier rankings, ratings, and financial strength. Likewise change in mortality rates and life expectancies have made it incumbent on all families to comprehensively review all programs. The level of risk, cash value, dividends, and ratios has dramatically changed. Premiums have been reduced in many instances and these benefits represent extraordinary potential to the planning process. Rarely are policies reviewed or audited. However, current thinking indicates that this asset class should be subjected to the same level of criteria as any investment or substantial asset. The subtle elements such as appropriate ownership and beneficiary designations can play havoc if not properly done. The type of coverage and plan are equally essential items. Guaranteed periods of coverage and options are crucial to the analysis. In addition to the life insurance risk study, the areas of disability insurance, long term care and health insurance are included.

Life Insurance Review - Audit


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